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A great family story

“Wine has always been at the heart of our family, it's our heritage, our DNA! "

Coming from a family of winegrowers established in the region of the medieval city of Saint-Emilion since the 17th century, our great-grandparents, Gabrielle and René acquired the house of Gerbaÿ and the first rows of vines. in 1927.

Their sons Marc , our grandfather, and Jacques as well as our grandmother Renée cultivate 6 hectares of post-war vines. Together they choose the name of Château Petit-Gerbaÿ , the name of the village and the source of pure water that gushes out there.

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In the South-West, one pronounces "Gerbaille" of the patois name which indicates the source. 

Our father Christian always gives a helping hand, but very young, woodmaking is his passion. So he makes it his job. Family spirit is not an empty word, his workshop is located in the heart of the vineyard.

Thus, it is our generation which today perpetuates the tradition by taking over the family property.


With his diplomas in viticulture and oenology in hand, Ludovic enlarged the estate by acquiring 4 additional hectares.


Our grandfather passed on to him the art of vine growing and winemaking, and the greatest respect for the land and the rich terroir of Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux .


Ludo continues the traditional culture of the vine and produces a quality artisanal wine, in his image, warm and authentic.

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Our generation is a brother Ludovic and an older sister Magali , flight attendant then commercial ground handling technician for many years within the French national airline.


The circumstances and our mutual attachment lead us in 2021 to decide to work together within the SCEA Château Petit-Gerbaÿ .

Ludo of course retains the maintenance of the vines and the vinification, while Magali resumes studies in wine tourism in order to take charge of the marketing of the wine and the reception of visitors to the property.


The years to come are therefore loaded with projects to continue the beautiful story, on the eve of the property's centenary ...


Discover our vineyard and its terroir by clicking here

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